Jacob Gottlieb a Healthcare Investment Expert

Jacob Gottlieb is a renowned serial entrepreneur who has investment interests in early-stage startups in the healthcare industry. Gottlieb latest venture in the healthcare sector is Altium Capital that is headquartered out of New York City. Altium Capital is a firm that focuses on investing in startups that have the potential for growth and above all provide essential health including medical treatment advances.

Jacob Gottlieb before setting up his latest venture Altium Capital founded Visium Asset Management in the year 2005. Visium management just like any other startup had humble beginnings. The firm within ten years had grown to be a leading asset management firm with assets worth more than 8 billion dollars and employed over 200 people. The firm moreover under Gottlieb leadership expanded both locally and internationally and had offices in New York City, San Francisco and also the city of London. Gottlieb a serial entrepreneur before establishing Visium co-founded another investment company known as Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. At the firm Gottlieb made a name for himself as one of the top portfolio managers who made huge gains on investments. Other firms that Gottlieb has served and helped established include the New York-based Merlin Biomed Group where he also served as a Portfolio Manager and Sanford C. Bernstein & CO., LLC where he worked as a healthcare investment analyst.

Gottlieb is an alma mater of both Brown University and the New York University Medical School where he earned a BA in Economics and an MD respectively. Gottlieb is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a P.R.M expert.

Jacob Gottlieb at Altium Capital has already identified three potential companies to invest in. One of the firms is Oramed Pharmaceuticals that is making advances in the treatment of diabetes. The firm is reinventing the treatment method through the innovation of oral treatment alternative as opposed to injectable drugs. The other firms are Amarin Corporation which focuses on the development of cardiovascular drugs and Oragenics.