Jason Hope Shares His Interests In Life Extension

Jason Hope started out his career as an entrepreneur, launching a company in the mobile technology industry. He now invests in technology companies, including those in the healthcare space. He is also a philanthropist who has given money to many worthy causes with one being the extension of human life.

He is a graduate of Arizona State University, earning both his bachelor’s and master’s of business administration there. When he graduated mobile technology was just getting big and so he decided to take advantage of that opportunity. He created a company that sold premium text message service. The money he made from this provided fuel for his future endeavors.

As Jason Hope points out, pretty much everybody knows that advances in technology steer society. It is used to connect things, people, and places together. He is especially interested in the Internet of Things which promises higher levels of interconnectivity than any technology before it.

He says that all entrepreneurs like himself have a healthy sense of doubt about their abilities and vision. It is this doubt, though, that Jason Hope pinpoints as what keeps you on your toes and figuring out which way to go. New ideas raise new questions and new challenges. He says it’s how an entrepreneur handles failure that separates the successful ones from those who don’t succeed.

Being a philanthropist is serious business for Jason Hope. One of the best moments of his life was when he donated $500,000 to a nonprofit at an event in San Francisco. This nonprofit was the SENS Foundation. They are researching ways for people to lead much longer and healthier lives. They focus on the prevention of disease rather than reacting to a disease once it has occurred in a person.

One of his big focuses right now is on healthcare, specifically finding ways to prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. A lot of money is pouring into curing these diseases but Jason Hope thinks that money should more go toward preventing them from occurring in the first place. He reads a lot of scientific papers every week and shares the best ones through his social media accounts.

Jason Hope’s social Media: www.facebook.com/jason.r.hope