JD.com’s Blog Divulges Free-Range Chicken Program

Jingdong, China’s largest online retailer’s corporate blog continues to share relevant news, stories and programs at JD.com. One of the most recent blog posts shares information regarding Jingdong’s Free-Range Chicken Program. The aim of the program was to revolutionize the chicken raising industry, and the impact of the program has been obvious during the two years since it’s inception.

Coined as “Running Chickens” at launch, the JD’s 27 hectare free-range chicken farm in the Hebei province has taken a unique approach to poultry-rearing and has improved economic standings in one of China’s poverty stricken communities. The program boasts chickens wearing pedometers from birth to processing, with a goal of each chicken taking a million steps in it’s lifetime. This system produces meat said to be more ethical and lower in saturated fats, while being higher in omega 3-acids and vitamins A, B and E.

In addition to providing a higher quality meat, the program has brought better quality of life to the area. By providing part time jobs, farming potential, and it’s residing county has since been removed from China’s poverty list.

The off-beat programs success is a huge boasting point for Jingdong, and has lead to even more creative farming practices. Swimming Duck and Flying Pigeon are the newest similarly structured practices resulting from the Running Chicken story.

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