Jeunesse Global Uses APT-200 to Skincare to Create Youthful Appearance

Jeunesse Global has become a household name within 140 different countries around the world. The billion-dollar company grew from Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray’s dedication to creating incredible products for their customers while training their distributors to succeed with all the best multi-level marketing strategies. After beginning the company in 2009, the quickly grew into one of the leading skincare and supplement companies today. The Jeunesse company treats the distributors like family, hoping to create leaders who have a collective mission to help men and women look as young as they feel. They created the Y.E.S. System, better known as the Youth Enhancement system to help their customers achieve this. With more than 9 product lines of skincare and supplements, Jeunesse created a synergistic system to combine the powerful benefits of nutrition and advanced skincare technology.

One of their leading skincare lines that is a part of the Y.E.S. System is the Luminesce line. This line is centered on rejuvenating the skin with the patented APT-200. APT-200 was developed from the science of stem cell technology by dermatologists to help restore the youthful radiance of the skin. Dr. Nathan Newman developed the skincare line to repair the cells and rejuvenate them while still creating a product that was affordable, creating a unique superiority for a synergistic anti-aging effect on the skin.

The skincare line includes the Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque which provides a deep cleanse while it lifts away the dead skin. The spa-level masque is formulated with APT-200 to tighten the skin while revealing a younger appearance. It also includes the Luminesce Flawless skin brightener to minimize the appearance of pores while brightening the skin. The Luminesce Hydrashield Mask is one of the top masks of the beauty industry. The biocellulose material adheres to the skin a prevents the ingredients from evaporating into the atmosphere.

The HydraShield mask is formulated to be a part of the Y.E.S. System to seal in the moisture. This provides up to 24 hours of hydration with each mask. They also created the mask because the wanted to help protect the skin against increasing pollution. With daily exposure to smoke and smog, the skin can become clogged and dry. With the HydraShield, the skin is protected against those environmental aggressors.