Kimberly Bakker: Event Planner Extraordinaire


Family has played a tremendous role in Kimberly Bakker’s life. She is proud of her lineage as a member of a pioneering California family that arrived in the state in 1848. Her parents raised her in an enchanted environment and she is seeking to do the same with her daughter. While Kimberly Bakker is a hands-on parent of a young child, Bakker is also the owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, a successful event planning company.

Just as developing relationships is the key to success within the family, Kimberly Bakker believes relationship building is the path to success in business. Bakker uses local vendors who represent the best talent in her community. Kimberly Bakker believes that local vendors offer personalized customer service that isn’t available from national firms. As for her staff, Bakker has built a team of assistants who know her company’s goal is to make the client happy. View Additional Info Here.

Bakker realizes that a good event planner develops a niche and does not try to plan every type of event. She specializes in upscale, private events that are family oriented. In addition, Kimberly Bakker believes in getting to know her clients so that she can provide them with a personalized event that seems like it was planned by a close friend. Kimberly Bakker serves clients and guests from every imaginable background and she wants each of them to feel welcomed and included when they participate in one of her events.

An event planner must be attentive to detail. Bakker always confirms key details with vendors. Before heading out to one of her events, Bakker makes a second check that she has all of her equipment. Bakker adds touches from her family life to her events. She has been known to use her grandmother’s china and tea sets at her clients’ celebrations.


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