NewsWatch TV Reviews, Smart TV for the New Age

An award-winning TV program named NewsWatch TV has the perfect formula for keeping its audience entertained for more than two decades now. It shows reviews of different electronic gadgets, devices, new technology, and news on health, celebrities, travel, and entertainment. Bridge Communications, LLC owns this TV program. This company is committed to communications and video production. The show is hosted by Susan Bridges, Michael Tropeano and Michelle Ison. The reports are shown by Amanda Forstrom, Leslie Alston, Scott Steinberg, and Chris Vaughn.

People can catch the show, NewsWatch TV every Monday at 7 AM. It is shown on ION Television network and the AMC Network as well. You can also catch it on other privately syndicated local channels.

One of the main reasons behind this show’s success is its constant evolution. It always tries to keep up with the latest trends and technology. The show’s very first episode was aired in 1990. It started as a monthly program that only featured financial news. But the company realized that it had to keep up with other trends as well, and so, it started featuring other news by mid-1990. It was covering news and entertainment as well. Thanks to this move, the show’s audience grew spectacularly.

NewsWatch TV began focusing on tech gadgets in 2011. The program introduced its consumer reviews where they would review different tech devices and gadgets. This move of adding a new niche in their program resulted in a huge audience and views growth. NewsWatch TV has also worked with several Fortune 500 firms to produce paid reviews. This has helped the program with its evolution as well.

The program also features a segment where they interview different celebrities from time to time. Chris Pratt, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Skerritt, and Julie Bowen are the some of the names that have made appearances on the show.