Bruno Fagali: Changing the Public Attitude Towards Corruption

Many Brazilians have a blind eye towards the reality of corruption that has been plaguing their country for years. Only a few individuals had shown bravery to face these issues, including the Brazilian lawyer Bruno Fagali. He initiated the advocacy called the FAGALI Advocacy and called upon his fellow Brazilians to do something about the problem of corruption that has been present in their country since its early history. Bruno Fagali’s action would take them to local government offices, and he would be lecturing the employees about the dangers of corruption, and why they should not involve in any activities that would involve the stealing of government funds because they can be charged and cases can be filed against them. This action is called the departmental integrity drive, and its main objective is to bring back transparency in Brazilian government offices.

Since he started the departmental transparency drive, statistics have shown that the instance of corruption in the country went down, and many government officials are starting to fear that they will be caught by the public eyes that have been empowered by Bruno Fagali. Corrupt politicians who are still doing these corrupt activities are often being humiliated by the media, and Bruno Fagali revealed that the culture of corruption would only fade away if only the public would work together to expose them. The FAGALI Advocacy has been one of the most successful activities against corruption, and other personalities in Brazil have already joined hands with Bruno Fagali to fight off the negative practice.

Bruno Fagali thanked everyone who has shown their support regarding his advocacy, and he promised that more corrupt politicians will be exposed and that he would be making tours all around the country to disseminate information. The culture of corruption in Brazil may take decades or even centuries before it completely disappears, but Bruno Fagali stated that the small step he did in fighting off corruption would mean bigger things for the people of Brazil. Each small step that he contributes in fighting off the dreaded practice would mean a brighter and better future for the next generation of Brazilians.

Besty DeVos: Ushering in a New Era of Growth

When you are in the process of moving and you have children, one of the first things that you do is check the school district rankings in the area that you believe you will be living. Unfortunately, many different houses and neighborhoods will be ruled out based on these rankings. Parents don’t want their children going to schools that are performing below the national average or are failing. Now, what would you do if you were living in a district that was performing well for some time and then started to fail? You certainly wouldn’t want your children to continue to receive their education there, but you may also be hampered by your own financial situation or location. For many parents in the situation, their only alternative is to send their children to a private institution. They may be able to use a relative’s address to send their children to a better school district, but this creates additional hassles and also promotes fraud.


Betsy DeVos, acting Secretary of Education, understands the struggle all too well. She explains to her interviewer at that many parents are becoming trapped in districts that are underperforming. When teachers leave to pursue better options or administrators stop gaining traction these schools earn reputations that are less than ideal. This makes it almost impossible for them to attract new talent to help bolster their numbers. DeVos thinks that this is a perfect situation where school choice would become a viable option. Parents and their children should never feel backed into a corner when it comes to education. It can be unsettling for parents send their children to school and hope for the best.


DeVos tells PhilanthropyRoundtable in her interview that this is one of the biggest problems with the American education system. She believes that families should not become trapped simply because they are in a specific ZIP Code. There should be more options available and better teachers who can assist them. As magnet schools, private schools, and even online institutions continue to grow quality teachers are moving to these new mediums. The students should have the option of following some of the best talents to these new environments.


With the use of technology becoming commonplace, there is no reason that students should miss these opportunities. In the current system, students are required to surrender their devices or hide them, but they can be a major tool in the education process. The teachers in public school systems are working off an archaic manual to educate their students, but education systems that function off of school choice are integrating technology in meaningful ways. Students are finding more ways to connect to the information they are being provided and search for answers when they need them. We live in a world where the answers are at our fingertips and there are many methods for learning material, but public-school systems are not using that supreme advantage. This is one of the major gripes that Betsy DeVos has with the education system. Hopefully, with her election, there will be a new era of growth.


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“Our integrity is not for sale,” says Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe to Match Group

With companies like Tinder already in the industry, when Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble in September 2014, there wasn’t much buzz about it as people didn’t expect it to go so far. With the little attention that it got, Whitney Wolfe took the opportunity to establish a company that would take over the industry right under her competitors’ noses.

Less than five years in business, Bumble has grown to a 1 billion dollar worth and has accumulated more than 10 million clients worldwide. Seeing that Bumble had become a worthy opponent, in 2016, Match Group, owner of Tinder and PlentyOfFish dating apps attempted to acquire it for 450 dollars, an offer that was firmly rejected by Whitney Wolfe. Less than a year later Match Group launched a complaint against Bumble under the claims that Bumble was infringing patents under the ownership of Tinder.

Finally, Whitney, founder, and CEO of Bumble has responded to the claims with an elaborate letter in which refers to the complaint as baseless and accuses Tinder of being bitter over the fact that she refused to sell Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is the definition of a strong woman in business.

Whitney Wolfe Graduated from the Southern Methodist University with a degree in International Studies. During her time in college, Whitney sold bamboo tote bags to the victim of the BP oil spill. She attracted the attention of the celebrity stylist Aufdenkamp who joined forces with her to launch the Help Us Project. Upon the completion of her college studies, Whitney began working with orphanages in the South East part of Asia.

At 22 years of age, Whitney moved back to the US and began working at the hatch lab through which she was introduced to Chris Gulczynski of Tinder. She started working for Tinder as the VP of marketing and came up with the name Tinder. Despite doing such incredible work in her department, Whitney left Tinder on a bad note accusing the company of sexual harassment in a lawsuit which was settled for a million dollars in her favor.

Owing to her experience in Tinder, Wolfe came up with the idea for bumble, a dating platform for women that has recently launched BumbleBizz and BumbleBFF apps for making friends.


Gregory Aziz And National Steel Car Revel In Past And Future Successes

Gregory James Aziz is the reputed President, Chairman and CEO of National Steel Car. He is from London, Ontario, Canada. His educational upbringing brought him to Ridgely College and to the Western Ontario University where he completed his Economics Degree.


Upon the completion of his studies at the university, Greg James Aziz decided to serve with his family’s food business, Affiliated Foods. The food company is engaged in the import of wholesale food products from countries located in Europe, Central America and South America. Their family business expanded and in the course of 16 years it became an international importer of fresh food that it distributes to major wholesale food retailers within Eastern Canada, and across the United States.


From the family business, Greg James Aziz went to New York City where he was employed by numerous financial investment banks. He stayed in the city from the later part of the 1980s to the early part of the 1990s. When 1994 came, he found a way to acquire National Steel Car from Dofasco, with the goal of making the said company the best rail and freight car developer and manufacturer in North America. Click Here for more information.

Before National Steel Car came into the possession of Greg Aziz, it was considered as one of the most lucrative railroad car manufacturing firm after it was established in 1912 formerly as Imperial Steel Car. The large number of orders it had was beyond what its original investors anticipated. However, when the economic depression struck in the 1930s, National Steel Car’s ability to secure orders, diversify, and deliver was affected leading to its financial decline.

After purchasing the company from Dofasco in 1994 and despite its available excellent engineering capabilities Greg Aziz still needed to add more funds and workers to increase the company’s production yield since it was only able to finish 3,500 cars on an annual basis. After much perseverance and unequalled team work National Steel Car was able to increase production by 1999 to 12,000 cars yearly and maintained and exceeded that for the subsequent years. The number of employees similarly grew from around 600 to 3,000 by the end of the same period.

Greg Aziz said that the pillars of his company are the employees who continuously work hard to maintain the company’s standard of excellence. Despite his continuing success, James Aziz never fails to regularly sponsor and give to the local charity drives in Hamilton.


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Has there ever been a time when you thought about doing something that you never thought you would do?

Michael Lacey first started his career off going to college which is something that most people do. This is something that made him understand that he had to do the career that he was trying to. Michael is an American mathematician which means that he was born and is doing his career here in the United States. He worked hard in his life to get where he is today but is still working hard to get even further in life. He has worked hard and has been rewarded with many awards that talks about the hard work that he has done. He has been known to be one of the smartest people in the United States which is something that many have not done. He has worked with many other people teaching them how to something similar with the career that they have picked. This makes it where he is able to talk about all the things that he has done in life along with the advice that can encourage the younger people that are working to become the same thing.


When he was younger there was a time when he thought that this was not going to be the career that he was going to do but when he got further into his life he understood that this is something that he enjoyed doing. Not only this but there are so much out there that can be done when they are a mathematician. He also has worked with many students that have gone on to do something similar to what he does which is why they are working with him. He has also mentored many people who now have their post docs. This is something that he takes pride in when he is working with them and something that he will continue to do for many more years to come. This career is really something different compared to the others that are there in the world and are rising.