Barbara Stokes Success at Green Structure Homes Delivered

Barbara Stokes is a dynamic business leader who has helped numerous people during her career. She is the type of person who is willing to teach other people the basics of starting a business. She was recently named the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered. The company helps people who suffer calamity after a natural disaster.

Green Structure Homes Delivered works with FEMA to provide housing options to families who are displaced. At one time, the company was struggling in multiple ways. When Barbara became CEO, few people thought that she could turn around the company. After making some tough decisions, Barbara helped Green Structure Homes Delivered become profitable. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.


When managing a company, advertising is a critical aspect of success. Although Green Structure Homes Delivered is based in Huntsville, the company provides services in multiple states. Barbara invested time and money to generate ads across the country. Her advertising campaign was successful, and it helped increase sales for the company. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Cutting Costs

Managing a large construction company is arduous. Few people can handle all of the stress that comes with being CEO. However, Barbara focused on improving one aspect of the company at a time. Barbara Stokes decided to drastically reduce expenses that were not adding value to the business. In a few months, the company went from losing money to generating record profits.

Barbara had to make tough decisions during this phase. Some people lost their jobs, and the company had to change various processes. However, she is proud of the work that she has accomplished with Green Structure Homes Delivered. She firmly believes that the company has an excellent chance to continue expanding in the coming years.

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Jeremy Goldstein adding style to charity through private wine dinners in support of Fountain house

Affecting over 450 million people globally, mental illness is a condition that continues to cripple many families and takes a toll on the community as a whole. It is in respect to this that Fountain house, a facility established more than half a century ago, has been on the forefront of holding the hands of those living with this condition by ensuring that they get the opportunity to lead healthy lives through the activities that it organizes under its wing. Fortunately, its excellent work has not gone unnoticed, and it continues to receive support from the A-list members of the community such as Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein, a renowned attorney and influential figure in the community, was added to the board of directors for the facility in 2010, and since then he has worked himself to the bone to ensure that Fountain house achieves its objectives. For instance, in conjunction with two top figures, Omar Khan and Jim Finkel, Jeremy recently hosted two private wine dinners to help raise money which will support the work done by Fountain house. The two dinners were held in two lavish and separate venues and even featured a private tour to the esteemed Chateau Latour Wine vintage. Thanks to the air of class and splendor that the two dinners exhibited, they attracted and brought together community bigwigs and helped raise more than $56,000.


The money will be incredibly beneficial to Fountain house and will undoubtedly go a long way in impacting the lives of suffering from mental illness and their families. Established by six people suffering from the same to prove to them, their families and the community that people with mental illness can recover and be fruitful, Fountain house boasts initiatives such as its employment program which has today helped over 42% of those with the condition secure stable, decent jobs. It has many other initiatives under its wing such as housing, education, health, and wellness programs all of them focusing on the same course. It is thanks to its excellent work that Fountain house is now an international non-profit organization, spread across thirty countries and 32 states with more than 300 location and serves over 100,000 people worldwide.


About Jeremy Goldstein


A JD holder from New York University along with various other academic accreditations, Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent attorney specializing in corporate law. He has worked with countless corporate facilities and plays a significant role of Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee. Thanks to his position in the law spectrum, Jeremy Goldstein has been pivotal in some of the most prominent corporate transactions in the past one decade, and he continues to broaden his horizons in that field through his vast knowledge and rich experience.


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Jeff Herman Is A Lawyer Who Represents Sexually Abused Victims

At times, people commit crimes, and they eventually walk free. Well, people like Jeff Herman have dedicated themselves to making sure that the various people who break the law are convicted for the multiple crimes that they have committed. Since crimes are different, Jeff Herman mainly deals with making sure that sexual offenders are put behind bars. Click Here for more information about Herman.


Background Information


Many people know Jeff Herman as a lawyer who has dedicated most of his career life towards seeking justice for people who have been abused sexually. Nevertheless, Jeff Herman kick-started his career as a lawyer who worked for various business-oriented organizations. Well, life takes a turn at times. In this case, Jeff Herman’s career life took a complete turn when he decided to help out a mother who was seeking justice for her 4-year old son who had been abused sexually while at school. The heinous act was committed by a school employee who later relocated to another city to avoid being brought to justice.


Well, the pedophile’s plan worked since he was out of reach and couldn’t be sentenced for the crime that he had committed. As for Jeff Herman, he did not let his guard low; instead, Jeff Herman decided to start pursuing sexual abuse cases in order to bring the various guilty individuals to justice.


Additional Information


Jeff Herman has been doing a remarkable job for the past two decades that he has been serving as a sexual abuse attorney. Well, Jeff Herman has been getting assistance from his team at Herman Law. The law firm is filled with individuals who specialize in forensics among other areas. With the help of Herman Law, Mr. Herman has always been triumphant in the various cases that he handles in the courtroom. In 2013, Jeff Herman was named “Child Advocate of the Year” by KidSafe Foundation during their 4th Annual Fundraiser. He has been referred to in the media as the “Dark Knight”, fighting for the most vulnerable victims. Herman has also been referred to as the “legal eagle” and the “Go-To-Guy” for sexual abuse lawsuits.




As for Jeff Herman, representing sexual abuse victims accrued as a passion right after taking up a case that involved a child being mishandled by a school employee. Although Mr. Herman wasn’t victorious at first, he has emerged triumphant over the years. Well, with the assistance that he obtains from Herman Law, Mr. Herman has been able to make the world a better place. All in all, trying to find a solution to a problem is better than sitting by and watching as things get out of hand.


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James Dondero, a positive influence on Dallas

James Dondero and his company, Highland Capital Management work very hard to better Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Spending millions of dollars on charities such as the Perot Museum of Natural Science and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

The Highland Dallas Foundation was also founded by James Dondero, with the help of Mary Jalonick. Because of their tireless efforts many annual grants have been given out to help give financial assistance to many such as veterans, charities and students in and around the Dallas area.


James Dondero is viewed as a positive and loved addition to Dallas Texas. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

Sahm Adrangi Believes He Can Make Things Better for Everyone

Since Sahm Adrangi started helping his clients come up with good ideas, he knew there were things that would allow him the chance to give back in the community he was a big part of. He also knew things would keep changing as long as he became a bigger part of the industry. For Sahm Adrangi, the idea of helping other people is what motivated him to do the best job possible whenever he worked with others in similar situations. Thanks to his hard work, people could see him as someone who knew what he wanted in the industry. It set him apart and allowed him to continue showing people he is an expert at capital management. While he continues growing his firm, he can show other people the right way to get all the options they need. He wants them to realize they’re among the best and they can do things the right way no matter what.

By thinking of positive influences, Sahm Adrangi can show people what they can get on their own. He believes in the power of helping people with everything they need. When he started Kerrisdale Capital Management, he made it his goal to always serve his clients the best way he knew how. There were times when he struggled to remain true to this goal in a world that didn’t value everything he was doing, but it was important to him to keep doing it.

Thanks to his hard work and the dedication he put into place with the company, more people began coming to Sahm Adrangi for help with their money. They saw him as an expert in a field that was sometimes difficult for people to understand and that’s what made him the best in the business. Thanks to his hard work and the dedication he put into everything he did, Sahm was able to show people he was the best in the business. He was also able to make sure he knew how to help them get positive experiences despite running into some issues with capital management with other financial firms.