Securus Technologies: Preventing The Next Tragedy

The vast majority of us live under a blanket of security that we all too often take for granted. This is the security that is provided to us by correctional officers. They are literally on the front lines making sure that inmates are not able to carry out the kind of destruction and carnage that they might like to do if they had ample opportunity. Fortunately, companies like Securus Technologies exist to help keep this at bay.


If you do not believe that there are real risks to inmates having communication devices that connect to the outside world, then you have not heard the story of ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson.


The Lee Correctional Institute in South Carolina is a place that Johnson called his work for many years. He and other officers did their best to patrol the place and keep the outside public safe from the potential harm that could have been caused by those inside. This frequently meant intercepting packages of contraband that they inmates had coming their way. In fact, one incident in particular nearly cost Mr. Johnson his life.


There was a contraband package that arrived in Lee Correctional Institute that is believed to have had a value of approximately $50,000. At least that is the rumor that the prison gang had passed along among one another. This rumor meant that when Johnson intercepted the package, he was directly in the line of fire from the prison gang. They were out for blood, and they were not going to stop until they got it.


They sent a hit out for Johnson at his own home. He was targeted because they believed he had intercepted their package. A man broke into his home and shot Johnson a number of times. Although he was able to pull through and survive, it was one of the most horrid experiences that a person could ever have to go through. It also illustrated the fact that cell phones in the hands of inmates can lead to extremely dangerous situations.


Securus Technologies has partnered with a number of prisons to try to cut down on the use of cell phones by prison inmates in the first place. They want those devices to simply be off limits to those who are serving time. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. This is not about being mean to prison inmates, it is about helping to make sure the public is completely safe when they are just trying to go about their business. This is exactly what Securus Technologies wants to see happen, and it is what they have been striving for since day one. They have made a lot of progress in stopping these types of attacks, and there is more progress on their horizon.


Gregory Aziz Leads National Steel Car Into 21st Century

For most companies, having a CEO at the helm for over a decade is a blessing. And having a CEO in place for over two decades is nothing short of a miracle. So, it must be something special for National Steel Car to have Greg Aziz as their CEO for over 23 years.


Gregory James Aziz has been at the lead of this 100-year company for almost a quarter of a century. In that time, National Steel Car has seen some amazing growth and has avoided the problems that can plaque other transportation and rail transport builders. One of the secrets to Greg Aziz’s success has been his long-term vision for the company.1909308_1405440073054185_660900271_o


Greg Aziz points to people who make up National Steel Car’s team a reason for the company’s success. In particular, the diversity and innovation that make up the staff of the company. In Greg Aziz’s eyes, any company is only as good aa the people who operate it. And for this CEO, a hundred-year company can only remain in existence with a steady track record of quality people.

Gregory Aziz leads the 2,000-person team at National Steel Car to build the highest quality rail cars that will perform over the long term. Also, the company has seen amazing growth under the leadership of Greg Aziz. In 1994, National Steel Car was manufacturing only 3,500 cars per year. That number rose to 13,000 cars per year in 1999. And these figures continue to rise in the 21st century.



National Steel Car also has the largest single plant railcar building facility in North America. Located in Ontario, Canada, National Steel Car’s flagship plant is a testament to Gregory Aziz’s commitment to keep his company on top of the railcar building business.


National Steel Car builds rail cars that can transport everything from oil to coal to a variety of dried goods. Greg Aziz continues to push the company to innovate and design new rail cars to stay competitive in the transport arena. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Overall, Greg James Aziz has been the secret weapon to National Steel Car’s success. A success that began in 1912 as Imperial Steel Inc, and a success that Mr. Aziz envisions will continue for another 100 years.

National Steel Car is on Top

The chief executive officer of the Canadian rail company, National Steel Car, is none other than Gregory James Aziz. Gregory James Aziz has served as their CEO, Chairman of the Board, and the Chairman of National Industries.

Greg James Aziz grew up in Ontario in the city of Hamilton, which is now home to National Steel Car.


Greg Aziz received an Economics degree at Western University and put his wisdom into practice during his time as CEO at National Steel Car. It was due to the wise leadership of Greg Aziz that National Steel Car just celebrated its Centennial birthday. The only reason that National Steel Car was able to survive in the world of business for 100 years was that Greg Aziz did several wise things.


The first thing that Greg Aziz did with National Steel Car was promote the idea of innovation. He understood that the moment his company stopped changing with the times was the moment his company would die. Through his vision of innovation, the company was able to create a rail car that went twice as fast, carry 20% more, and produced 90% fewer gas emissions. When the governments of Canada and America passed stricter environmental regulations, only National Steel Car could compete.

Greg Aziz also did a second wise thing. He understood that every business was founded on four pillars. He would take time to strengthen each pillar in turn. He thanked his 2000-member team for giving the company their all in working the late nights required. He gave his executives bonuses for instilling the vision of excellence of his company. He showed gratitude to suppliers by buying in bulk so that they could get the product cheaper and make both companies profit. Lastly, he thanked all of his customers that may National Steel Car the great company it is. See This Article to learn more.



The third and last thing that Greg Aziz did was unite with government officials so that National Steel Car was the flagship rail industry. Greg Aziz understood that the times are changing, and governments were going closer to green energy. He reached out to several of Canada’s ministers and asked if they would help him create a safer and stronger rail industry so that people would no longer get hurt and the environment would be safe. The company is a certified ISO 9001:2008.


It was these three practices that allowed National Steel Car to pass the 100-year mark.


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Daniel Taub as the Ambassador of Israel to Britain

Only a few people can be able to handle the task of an ambassador. This is because of the many sacrifices that you got to make. You have to leave your country and leave the country you are representing your country. This means new diet, weather, and culture and government policies. As an ambassador, you need to adjust to this new conditions. You also have to remember you represent every member of the country.

Daniel Taub has been able to handle this position with a lot of success. He has united Britain and Israel. They are enjoying all the benefits that come along with good diplomatic relationships.

There is lifestyle and education exchange between the two countries. Then there is the economic sector. His reign has been marked by success. It is described as the golden era.

The trade between the states is currently at $7.7 million. This has made a difference in both countries. Israeli investors have set 300 businesses in Britain. This is because of the peace that prevails in the two countries. They are confident that no harm could come to their companies. The chance to outsource and expand the market has improved the economy of the two states.

The business setups in Britain have also benefited the occupants in many ways. This is because they now have a variety of products to choose from when shopping. They are also enjoying standardized prices and quality products because of competition. Then there is employment. This is a global problem. The Britain is lucky to have an expanded platform for employment.

Daniel Taub says that his job has given him a great experience. This is because of the cooperation that the individuals showed during the legal setups.

Final Verdict

Many benefits that come along with good diplomatic relationships between countries. Apart from the economic relations and cultural exchange, their other benefits. For instance, when the countries are facing financial chaos, this is due to natural calamities or civil ways, it is the other state that bails out to stabilize everything. In civil ways, other countries also intervene through peace talks. This helps in peace restoration of the countries.

Thanks to Daniel Taub, Israel and Britain can enjoy all these benefits.

Daniel Taub is happy to have accomplished the goals that he set four years ago. Everyone in his party is sad to see him vacate his position. They are hopeful that his replacement will be better if not him competent like Taub.

Obsidian Energy Continues Growth and Green Focus

Having access to energy is a practical necessity for all people. Due to the importance of having access to energy, companies that are in the energy field are very important as they help to ensure people have access to the energy they need to live a safe and efficient life. One company that has continued to be a major player in the energy industry for decades has been Obsidian Energy.


Obsidian Energy is a publicly traded energy company that has been producing oil and gas for decades. The company is considered a mid-size company that produces over 30,000 barrels on a daily basis. The company has been around for a long time and has a strong reputation but recently rebranded. Prior to June 2017, the company was called Penn West.


One of the reasons for the continued success of Obsidian Energy is that they have strong strategic locations that are used for drilling. Today, Obsidian focuses a lot of their energy and resources on a few different spots in Alberta. These areas of Alberta are considered to have very deep wells, which provides Obsidian Energy the ability to find plenty of natural resources.


While Obsidian Energy is known for producing a lot of oil and gas on a daily basis, they are also heavily focused on providing a safe and unique approach to access the energy. Obsidian Energy is committed to making their region a safer place to ensure that the environment is not negatively impacted by any of the activity that takes place. They currently operate an organization called Our Community Matters, which focuses on improving the environment and the lives of people that live in certain communities. The company also operates a toll-free hotline that people can call in with any concerns that they are experiencing in the market or local environment.


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