Richard Liu Qiangdong, A New Business

Richard Liu Qiangdong has taken up his place in the world by using the computer technology known as e-commerce which is a direct sales tactic that allows people to buy and sell goods and products online. The business that he created is a major success and it is no wonder because the result of him jumping into the risk oriented business that is online entrepreneurship is a big bet on oneself. His accumulation of knowledge is developed slowly by his life experiences and his real world education which is what his parents fostered in him as a younger individual.

As a matter of fact his parents not only taught him the importance of having an education but also to be able to work hard and to have a mindset that is geared towards excelling in a major way at life with whatever ambition Richard Liu Qiangdong set his focus towards. The business that Richard Liu Qiangdong created has now earned a profit of over twelve billion dollars and what is better is that the business is successful to this day because of his earlier discipline that he developed growing up.

He went to school at a sociology institution to earn his bachelors degree and it was during that time interval that he learned the meaning of success which was doing what has not been done before. With this information Richard Liu Qiangdong stretched himself to learn coding and computer programing before he even set foot into the real world.

When he did go off to aquire new life experiences he got a job at Japan Life which at the time was a supplement shop. He used his profound knowledge of computer programming to set himself up with a nice gig as the director of computers at Japan Life. His efforts continued until he finally concocted the JD business.

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