After SoftBank Acquisition, Fortress Investment Group Remains Bold

After a couple of decades of making bold choices in the world of finance, Fortress Investment Group has definitely earned the attention of an industry were you’re only as relevant as your last acquisition. Over the last year, they made it clear that whatever they do next, they will have an audience.

The SoftBank buyout was a shocker for some. They managed to get their hands on $40 billion in global assets in one buy. But SoftBank knew they were purchasing expertise with Fortress Investment Group. They remain in control of their day-to-day functions, and SoftBank keep its distance and an eye on its investment with a seat on the board.

Rajeev Misra, CEO for Fortress Investment Group, has spent the first year with new owners by setting off on an ambitious project. In interviews throughout 2018, Misra said they are committed to getting majority shares in 100 tech companies. Expanding their profile in tech companies, Misra is looking to be part of the industry’s seemingly limitless future. It’s something they can better focus on, now that executives aren’t spending so much time on hunting down investors to keep the business going.

Though the Vision Fund, a SoftBank initiative, the group is merging experience in real estate with their hunger for start ups. They’ve been involved in companies like Compass, Katerra, and OpenDoor.

This doesn’t mean they’ve moved on from physical real estate. One of their biggest purchases last year was a notable Tiffany & Co. property in Palm Beach, Florida. They plan to continue development with office space on the second floor. They Also acquired SuperValu in Pompano Beach. That’s two big South Florida purchases added to their portfolio just a few months apart.

The past year is evidence enough that the relationship with SoftBank is going smoothly so far, but Fortress Investment Group is still looking to other players to partner up. Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris, is one such player. Together they got hold of a majority stake in the Birmingham’s Aston Villa Football Club.

Fortress Investment Group became a household name by being daring. It’s an approach to investment that drew SoftBank’s attention in the first place. But in the last year, while experiencing substantial change to their leadership and their business opportunities, this group has managed to increase their international presence and remind investors everywhere that they are worth keeping an eye on.

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