OSI Group McDonalds Follows Strict Hygiene Guidelines

Hygiene Production Standards

OSI Group McDonalds follow some of the strictest hygiene guidelines for meat packers. In a recent visit to the Gunzburg, Germany processing plant, which produces over 5 million hamburgers daily, OSI Group only allows 50-75 people on the production floor. The Gunzburg plant is the size of a soccer field. For example, if the warehouse were 75K square feet, then each person /1000 square feet would be working on the floor at one time. The Business Insider reporters said that though the number of personnel in the factory were as high as 200 only 75 were allowed on the production floor at one time.

Contamination Free Workspaces

OSI Group McDonalds also follows another strict guideline in its workspaces, according to the Business Insider reporters, which is to not allow the beef to be touched by any human hands. Also, every person who works within the location of the production of the hamburger production space must pass a strict security check. The security check consists of every person allowed in the production floor to empty their pockets and aren’t allowed to wear any type of jewelry, no pencils, pens or thinks worn loosely are also kept off the production floor. The reason for this security measure is to avoid anything falling into the production process and contaminate the meat. OSI Group McDonalds is very strict on these measures.

Meat to Fat Ratio

OSI Group McDonalds follows another criterion in order to ensure the quality of the hamburger meat is kept at a high standard for every 5 million of the patties produced daily (30 million per week). The meat per fat ratio is set by OSI Group McDonalds and the corporate management for McDonald’s quality control. The ratio is 5% less than what is produced for supermarket stores.

OSI Group

OSI Group began in 1906 by a Father and Son in the suburbs of Chicago, but later expanded throughout the city and became Otto & Sons. Years later Otto & Sons became international renamed again to OSI Group. It was as OSI Group that Ray Kroc approached OSI Group to be their lead meat packer and that relationship has continued to this day.

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