The Career Of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was a talented journalist, author, broadcaster, and radio personality. He is well-known for two different books called “Always a Little Further” that brilliantly captured the movement occurring in Scotland with the working class taking a part in rock climbing and other outdoor activities. The novel was able to capture what was going on at the time in Scotland; where he is from, with intrinsic detail and humor. His other book that he is regarded for is called “The History of the 5th Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders, 1942-45,” which portrayed the second World War. Alastair Borthwick had served in the war effort as an intelligence officer, leading troops through enemy lines with precision all across the world in Italy, France, Belgium, North Africa, and more.


Alastair Borthwick ¬†was born in Rutherglen, Scotland and excelled in writing at a young age where he was an editor and contributor to the Glasgow Weekly Herald at his school. He had found a niche writing about the mountaineering movement in a section of the paper called “Open Air Page” that would lead to his regarded classic “Always a Little Further.” His career path changed as after working as an editor and writer for years to becoming a broadcaster after being noticed by a BBC producer named James Fergusson. He had realized that Borthwick had a talent for broadcasting and even gave him his very own segment on the show about outdoor activities such as rock-climbing. Medium blog post about the life of Alastair Borthwick


The author would then lead his life working in radio and as a broadcaster but also producing many television shows. Alastair Borthwick after that had chosen to settle down with his wife Anne on an island called Jura although he continued to produce pieces for BBC and even had his own exhibit at a festival in the U.K. According to the article, Alastair Borthwick had finished his career with over 150 pieces produced for British Television, two completed classic novels, his contribution in World War II, and work in the radio industry before passing away in 2003.


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