The Efforts of Barbara Stokes of GSH in Providing Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Investment Officer of Green Structure Homes Delivered. She has a degree in Physics and Biomedical Engineering from Mercy University. This firm aims to offer relief and construction services to people who have been affected by a particular disaster. Recently, Barbara Stokes has dedicated herself in a voluntary move to help the disaster-stricken Huntsville, Alabama. The mission was to provide modular houses that could be made in a few days. Read more at Business Insider.

Barbara Stokes founded GSH company in partnership with his husband, Scott Stokes. The firm produces solutions to housing problems by providing small, flexible, cost-efficient and high-quality houses especially to those people who have been displaced. The company will provide housing to Houston residents who were affected by the recent flooding. The homes are comfortable and safe to live in.


GSH, under the leadership of Barbara Stokes, has also announced its contribution, in terms of donations, to the Habitat for Humanity. They offered new building materials such as sheets of Drywall, Hardie Fascia, and Linoleum flooring. The materials will be used by Madison County to ease the problem of housing. In addition to this, the firm provided services such as design, engineering, warehousing, planning, infrastructure, and foundation services.

From the hurricane that happened in Katrina in 2005, Barbara Stokes gave out the lessons that were learned from the disaster. The most important lesson learned is that training responders were essential to the people just in case of another emergency. The other experience is to ensure there is a universal language between NGO’s and volunteers to avoid confusion during disasters. Read this article at