The Steely Determination Of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

There is no questioning the fact that in today’s political climate it can be tough to keep your head up. It can definitely seem that everyone is out to get everyone else. However, even though it might seem that anyone in a public position is a walking target, the field of Education now has a new advocate: Trump Administration Secretary Betsy DeVos. She might seem an unassuming individual, but she is much more than just another cabinet member. She has become an instrumental symbol in the education reform movement. That alone would garner her some enemies, but rest assured this woman can take a punch and hit back as well.


Quitting is not in this woman’s vocabulary, and that is part of the reason why she was a force to be reckoned with in Michigan politics. When it comes to the DeVos family, everyone knows they will be looking at innovative solutions to America’s problems. This is one of the main reasons why she has become a paragon of the School Choice movement, which is alive and well even 55 years after Milton Friedman first published his groundbreaking work, “The Role of Government in Education.”


Even though Dick and Betsy DeVos were no doubt inspired by the work, they have to credit their visit to the Potter’s House Christian School in their hometown of Grand Rapids as one of the first instances of where they learned the importance of school choice. It was there that Betsy was moved by the fact that even though the school was comprised of parents with limited means, they were all they doing everything in their power to ensure their children were able to learn in a safe environment. They had school-age children themselves at the time, and they knew that they too would do everything in their power to help them succeed. They also knew they were multi-millionaires who could make it happen. It was then that the DeVoses realized that everyone, not just the wealthy, deserved to be able to send their kids to the best school possible.


That has been her mission ever since. Making sure that everyone has the right to choice where to send their kids is something she will never back down, and it is part of the reason why she has recently teamed up with the rapper Pitbull in Miami to tour some of the charter schools he has started. Even when this woman has differences with someone, she believes in teamwork if it furthers her belief in school choice.


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