What is the Relationship Between Mcdonald’s and the Osi Group?

The OSI Group has been around for over one hundred years. Since the establishment of OSI in the 20th century, the firm has grown into one of the largest and leading suppliers of processed food products to retail outlets and food outlets. Following the best business practices and prioritizing the interests of their clients has enabled OSI to become a trusted supplier of food products globally to brands like McDonalds (MCD) consequently making OSI a household brand.

McDonalds is one of the most popular food outlets in America and other countries across the world. It is true that MCD has become a household brand in recent years. To achieve this feat, MCD had to offer its clients healthy, nutritious, and high-quality foods.

Companies like MCD serve millions of clients daily, this means that their food or products supplier must be in a position to meet their high demand. With this in mind, MCD entered into a partnership with the OSI Group since OSI has the capacity and expertise to provide healthy, high-quality food products.

We live in a highly sophisticated world, and technology is making it easy for people to share information on a variety of topics. One of the highly discussed issues in recent time revolve around living healthy and healthy foods. People are also increasingly questioning the ingredients and the preservatives that go into the food products they consume.

Sugar and salt are some of the most consumed ingredients on the planet. Sugar tops the list of ingredients consumers are always enquiring about. Nutritionists have come out to support and educate people on the importance of knowing the number of ingredients and additives that go into the foods we eat since certain additives, preservatives, and even ingredients can have a negative effect when consumed in foods.

OSI and MCD use preservatives and certain additives to help prevent their food from going bad. The purpose of the preservatives in food products from OSI and MCD is to increase the shelf life of the food products in question. The question of the preservatives used in OSI and McDonalds foods became a matter of concern when assessing a MCD hamburger that had been stored in a cupboard for years.

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